30 June 2015

After a Year & Half

I felt so nervous when i tried log in into this blog. It has been one and a half year since my last post. I felt so nervous (or it has been too long) that I have already forgotten my password. Then I have to do verification from my e-mail account and..... I also forgot my e-mail password!

I abandon this blog after some personal tragedy. It was difficult to write freely like last time. I also think I abandon this blog because I now could rant via Facebook. 

Or.. I just lost passion in blogging. 

Hari ni hari 13 Ramadan 1436H. Aku suka perasan pada bulan Ramadan. To be honest, I am not talking about anything Islamic. It is something different. Rasa macam aku sedang dilamun cinta. Macam baru semalam declare. Terasa gembira, bahagia dan rindu. Cuma bezanya, perasaan tu entah pada siapa. Just the feeling lebih kurang begitu. Damainya. Yeah. I am weird like that. 

Many things happened since February last year. The biggest and the most unforgettable event was the Umrah trip Che Man & I took together with my sister in-law, her husband and one of their daughters, Icha. It was in March 2015. I did not take many pictures. I do not know why. I just tumpang ambil gambar sana, ambil gambar sini. So, I will collect some and post them here, later.

It was a magical experience. Thank you Allah, murahkan rezeki kami sehingga berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke Madinah & Mekah. Kami juga singgah di Oman. Subhanallah! Alhamdullillah! Baiknya Allah pada kami, considering bertapa tak layaknya kami ni sebenarnya. 

Ok. Nak nangis plak rasanya. More stories about it later. 

I hope I continue to feel like I am in love walaupun dah habis Ramadan nanti. I hope we manage to get everything ready for Raya and happy happy,

So? Selamat mejalankan ibadah puasa dan selamat hari raya. Maaf zahir batin you all. 

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