31 December 2008

My Last Weekend (updated with photos)

I am a kind of person who loves to stay home lying down reading magazines and Nora Robert's romance stories. But last Saturday I worked half day and the rest of the afternoon was all about Aiman since Che Man worked till 6pm. This little bully refused to sleep when mommy already mengantuk setengah mati. I prepared cucur bawang for late tea time. Che Man had his tea & cucur while I was giving Aiman his bath. Later they went out to padang to play. Just about half an hour or so, but I enjoyed my cucur, coffee and Nora Robert's in peace. Jadi la. After maghrib we went out to a bank in Klang and to T.esco in S.etia A.lam for dinner and purchased some stuffs.

I usually do my housework at night. Sweeping, wiping, mopping, arranging things, angkat kain, basuh kain, sidai kain, lipat kain, gosok baju, etc. Oohhh… these things about kain / baju related chores can never finish lah!

Woke up a bit late the next morning, prepared simple breakfast at home and did some other house chores some more. I love doing laundry (but must use washing machine okkeh?) and really love sunny day on weekend so that I can do few loads of laundry. Sometimes I wonder why I do 2 loads of laundry everyday when only 3 people in house? Ntah la.

Siap-siap kan Aiman, laki & diri sendiri for a friend wedding reception. At 12.30pm some friends came over - to go to the kenduri together. We left my house at 1.00pm.

The kenduri stories.

It was a BIG one. So many people nak jalan pun tergesel-gesel. Punya la banyak khemah. Lots of foods including ayam golek, cendol, keropok lekor, etc. Pengantin came in style – sat on top of minicar seats followed by many minicars, pastu berarak pulak with some pancaragam (don’t know what to call them actually), disambut pulak dengan kompang, pas tu dipersembahkan pulak dengan pencak silat dan tah apa-apa lagi tah.

Yadi ooiiii! Kau ingat nko artis? Hehehehe….

Pengantin berseri-seri tapi tak sempat nak merenjis & ambik gambar sesama. Too hot, too crowded and already 3.00 something masa pengantin duduk kat pelamin. We wished we could stay longer. Congratulations Yadi & Faz. Moga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Here are some photos I managed to snap dalam kejauhan, keributan dan kemeriahan majlis yang menceriakan seluruh Klang hari tu. Cewaaahh!

Ni masa pengantin sedang datang. Sesak banget!

Sapa nak ambik gambar, sila cari tempat untuk dipanjat. Tak koser Den.

Budak pancaragam tengah menahan kepanasan & kelaparan (barangkali)

Pencak silat

Pengantin dok tersengeh.

Nota Kakiku:

Bye bye 2008.
It has been a good year for me.
Welcome 2009.
Semoga bertambah kesejahteraan kita di tahun 2009.
See you guys next year!

15 December 2008

Credit Card & I

When I was *ehem* younger, my salary was little, but my ‘needs’ were huge and my mind was narrow. I ended up applied for a credit. Use RM1000 and pay only RM50 per month. Canteeekkkk….!

First I thought about the convenient. No need to walk to the cashier when filling-up petrol. Then I thought I can use it while on emergency situation. Soon I found myself always in ‘emergency’ situations. Car services, clubbing, holidays, shopping, etc.

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

The card finally reached the limit but I only paid for minimum payment. I got stuck there! Did I learn? Nope! I applied for another one coz at that time I badly ‘needed’ a new gadget for myself. Getting another card was the only way I could think of at the time. Considered emergency jugak kan?

Hoh? Ekau ambik satu kad laie? Gilo ko?

After few years, both cards reached the limits and I could only afford the minimum payments.

Then, I found a way to get rid of one card. I took a loan offered by the credit card company. Paid the 1st card and made re-payment using the 2nd card (the bank so baik hati to increase the credit limit of the 2nd card). Though the first card gone, the payment I made for another card has increased – in total lebih kurang macam pakai dua cards but this time, I know in 3 years, the loan will be settled. If I continued with the 1st card and at the same time have to use it (coz tak cukup cash every month), tak tau bila boleh habis bayar.

For many years I have to depend on credit card. When it reaching the limit, the bank offered me some more cash (loans) to settle the debt with lower interest and make re-payment through credit card. I gave in. Not once, but many times – became bad habit already. This year I calculated the total re-payment for all these loans (yang konon-kononnya nak kurangkan hutang credit card) I got so scared and frustrated. The bank didn’t lie to me. Those loans were certainly helped me with my credit card balance but I still have long way to go. The last re-payment will be at the end of year 2011! Itu pun kalau aku tak ambik apa-apa loan lagi, and my credit card balance will be still mountains!

I felt trapped! Frustrated! Very-very sad every time I bank-in the money. I only have myself to blame.

Makcik sodeh. Hutang makcik menimbun.

Mula la aku berangan, that one fine day, somebody so baik hati will offer me a interest-free loan so I can use it to pay my credit card with all loans that attached to it. Berangan punya berangan, I guess it has become my everyday doa.

Last month, my doa came true!

Only this time, it was not offered to me, but I proposed for it when I saw an opportunity. Well, not all dreams can come true kan?

At first someone gave me some cash coz of terlebih rezeki - rezeki dia la. Wah! Banyak duit ye sekarang? Then I thought, maybe I can ask (tak malu kan?) for interest-free loan with affordable re-payment scheme and top-up with the cash he already gave me and I can clear my credit card.

Only God knows betapa tebalnya muka aku waktu tu. Berhari-hari aku susun ayat. Terbayang akan sessi soal jawab. But the only question was; “Berapa banyak nko nak guna?” hehehe….

I called the bank. The officer tried to discourage me by saying something about early settlement penalties and all that. She told me to just clear my credit card balance and make payment on loans as usual. I made my own calculation and decided it is best that I make early settlement for all.

After little confusion it finally settled! Yeepiiiiiii!!!!!

Makcik sukerrrrr...!!

Now, I wanna make this clear to myself & my dear family. I still will use my credit card. But I will only use to the amount of which I know I can pay in full when it’s due. In fact, I already know how much I can afford to pay monthly. I know ‘cakap je boleh la’, but after suffering (chewah!) all these years, I finally learnt my lesson.

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

Starting next month, I will re-pay the so-baik-hati-tak-banyak-tanya-the-interest-free-loan provider HALF of what I’ve been paying for credit card, standby limited RM for FULL SETTLEMENT on credit card expenses and SAVE THE BALANCE untuk hari tua.

Good luck to me.

02 December 2008


*Sila nyanyi macam lagu madu tiga P.Ramlee*


Senangnya dalam hati

Esok dah ambik cuti

Nak Pergi

Tengok wayang

Dua citer sekali!

Bu nak gi ner haaa? Aiman nak itot!

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

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