31 October 2007

Sleep Deprivation

It has been three weeks now. Kalau dulu paling lama pun 2 minggu. Mata aku dah bengkak, muka dah sembab, selsema tak baik-baik, kepala dah berat, I lost focus at work - sleepy all the time. I am Zombie.

Last night I woke-up around 4am. Aiman was crying for susu. After that he refused to sleep. Nak berdukung jer. Lansung tak leh letak.
At 6.00am, I lost it!
"Would you please stop cyring? Nak apa hah?"
Aiman answered "Uwwaaaaaaaa!!!" even louder than before.

Che Man must have heard it. He woke-up and switched on the light (for some reasons, he always think that bright room will make Aiman stop crying).

I was so sleepy, so tired and dizzy - I took flu tablet before I went to bed. I was afraid that I might drop him if I continue dukung him. I put him into his baby cot and said ; "Now... nangis lah! Up to you!". He cried louder.

Che Man took him. I went back to bed.

This morning, Aiman did not smile at me much. Senyum tawar jer. My son dah pandai MERAJUK!

I am sad and angry with myself.

My celebrity look-alikes

Sajer Jer....!


Hemsam gak la laki aku ni...!

26 October 2007

Kambing Hitam

I never thought something like this would happen to my family. Did not pay much attention to one of the country's current scandals. Was shocked to know that we now part of it.
Scapegoat, we are.
You can pull our legs. You can threaten us. You can make us suffer. Surrender? No way!
Berani kerana benar.
Dear family, be strong. We are together and together we will.

Ku pohon, kau permudahkan perjalanan ini.
Ku pohon, kau kuat kan hati kami.
Ku pohon, kau hadirkan kami kawan-kawan sejati.
Ku pohon, yang bersalah dihukum, yang teraniaya terbela"


11 October 2007

Redah Jer Labu...

  • This raya I am not really prepared. The preparation..... ummm... how shall put it.... better if I have more cash?. I dunno. Its my fault for not having much saving to spend for raya. So raya shopping has a 'tight' feeling. However, we tried our best to have whatever necessary for us and our love ones. I am a bit sad that I can't spend more for my family and my in-laws. Anyway, I am quite done with raya shopping (or later gi PKNS to get few more things... only few more things). Whatever it is, we cannot get all what we want kan? Thank you God for all rezeki. Next time, I'll manage properly.

  • This year arrangement is something that I have never done before. Raya eve and first raya will be in Shah Alam with in-laws. In the afternoon go to Melaka - MIL's sister punya rumah. I cannot imagine. My Mak Itam has her own children and her children has their own families. All will be there. Tambah pulak lagi my family, my mertua family, my SIL's family. Aiyoo.. so ramai la. Sure berhimpit-himpit and meriah (read: chaotic).
  • Aiman has changed his sleeping pattern - again! Past 5 days, he slept at 4.00am (so did his parents!) Now.... should I bring his buaian to Melaka to help us a little in that department? I will raya with headache and mengantuk head. Trust me.
  • Nevertheless I am positive this raya will be very eventful compared to years before. I am looking forward to be sedondon with my beloved husband and cheeky son, to see my son wearing baju melayu for the first time, to celebrate raya with my in laws and their saudara mara, to be away from my parents during the first day of raya for the first time, to adapt to huru-hara of staying with so many people in one house, to receive *ehem* duit raya *ehem* on behalf of my son, to prepare feast for visitors, etc.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to ask for MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN from all of you should I have offended you in anyway personally or/and through my blog entries.

    SELAMAT AIDILFITRI people. Pleaseeeeeee..... take good care of yourself and your family.

04 October 2007

Tak Tau Nak Blog Aper....


I posted video of yang tak lain dan tak bukan

my dearest Aiman Nuruddin.

Sekejap jer anak ibu dah panjang.

We spent last weekend shopping for his new clothes.

Yang lama semua tetiba dah kecik & pendek.

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