28 May 2009

Ingatan Tergelincir

At my workplace, beside 'Nomee-the-underdressed-assistant', I am also known for my lapse of memory and forgetfulness. I am under constant teasing for that.

Case 1:
I was at my friend’s house with few friends and their children. I asked one of the fathers, “Anak kau dah berapa bulan dah?” Dia jawab “4 bulan”. Then I saw him walked to his wife and gave the baby to his wife for nenen.

About 10 seconds after that, I was shocked to see that his baby is no longer with him and asked him *muka cuak* “Anak kau mana?”. Member tu pandang aku dengan muka confuse. I look around and saw his baby with his wife. Baru aku teringat. Then I asked him “Anak kau dah setahun dah?”.

Case 2:
I wanted to take bath. I walked to my towel hanger and abruptly stooped: I asked myself “Mana satu towel aku ni?” I really can't remember which one. I grabbed one and go mandi. After finished, I was surprised to see Che Man’s towel on the towel rack (in the bathroom). “Camna boleh ada kat sini?”

Case 3:
My boss asked for lunch / coffee / hot milk. After half an hour, he came and said “Maybe Coffee house is busy….”. Lepas dia masuk office dia balik, I quickly dialed coffee house and place the order - which was supposed to be done half and hour ago.

Case 4:
Che Man called in the evening and said “turun……” (maksudnya dia dah nak sampai). Aku pun habiskan baca blog yang sesapa aku tengah baca. Pas tu lompat blog lain, dan lain, dan lain. Pas tu Che Man akan call lagi. Itu tandanya dia dah tunggu setengah jam.

Antara kes-kes yang lain:
I washed my face then I brushed my teeth. After that, I had tough time to recall whether or not I’ve washed my face. I ended up wash my face twice.

Beria-ia aku cerita kejadian lucu kat Izan, dia pun ketawa beria-ia. Pastu dia kata “Dah… kak Nomi dah citer dah pagi tadi / semalam / hari tu”. Sumpah aku tak ingat. Kejadian macam ni berlaku terlalu banyak kali.

(Sekarang, sebelum aku start citer / buat awak. I’ll tell her, “You probably have heard this from me…….” *and tell the story anyway*. Just to cover myself.

Kes tertinggal barang, tak usah nak cakap lah.

There were many times I swore to Che Man that I’ve never seen barang / bills / letters / vouchers that he gave me last week. Dah jumpa baru ingat.

My boss walking towards me and put a bunch of keys on my table. I recognize those are my office keys. Dunno where he found them. Happened many times.

I have the ‘budget 2009/2010’ book in my tray for quite sometimes now. I only will put it in my try coz there is something my boss asked me to do. But till now I can’t remember what am I supposed to do with it. (Pagi tadi, diam-diam I put the book back on his table. Did nothing with it).

Recently, I teased a chef on his ‘new’ spectacles. He said “sudah pakai lama lah..” and the rest of the group laughed at me. This is one Chef I see several times a day.

A staff asked me my boss’s age. I went blank. I quickly flip through my diary and ask her “Dia lahir bulan berapa yek?”. Pastu kena marah, “Siapa PA dia ni?”. I work for him for 8 years.

That’s why I write many things in my notes book / diary. The problem is, I always forget to refer to it.

My friend suggested me to take supplement. I bought two bottles of Gingko Biloba. The problem is, I always forget to take it.

There are many other cases but I can’t remember anymore.

21 May 2009

B is Here!

The B has come.

In my experience of more than 8 year with this company, I can say this was the most complicated, the least in total sum and complete with series of dramas before it finally released. No wonder it was also the most delayed payout – mid of May, for goodness sake!

But B is a B. It is always welcome kochik tapak tangan, Dewan Perdana den tadah án!

It may be the smallest amount so far, but I say Alhamdullillah. With last year’s performance (both by the company & my own performance), add with current market situation, I know that my boss have tried his very best to ‘save’ everyone.

*quickly sms him to say thank you*
*ok - done

Some percentage will go to credit card. Since I knew earlier about the payout, I ter-over spent during the J-card member sales last week. I blame Che Man coz he took me for movie at Bukit Tinggi during J-card member sales day! But I’ve promised myself to settle all amounts on credit card every month, so there……

The rest will be saved for house fund.

Life is tough huh?

19 May 2009

Buat apa weekend tu hari?

I am sick of spending weekdays outside the house until 10pm – almost every night.

So last weekend, I tried my very best not to go out. Not so successful, coz on Saturday early morning, I had to drive to groceries shop. I usually do that on Friday night after work, but we were out for dinner with Che Man’s family last Friday. On Saturday Che Man had to work, so I decided to go out early, buy groceries and breakfast so we can have breakfast together at home. I had to make sure I have what ever things I need to cook this weekend ready before Che Man go to work. Camni la kalau ada satu keta je

Half way through cooking my ayam masak lomak cili api, I realized that I didn’t have asam keping. So I called Che Man to buy some on his way back for lunch. When he came back, I reheated the gulai and threw in the asam keping. As I was opening a small container to put my balance of asam keping, thereeee…. I saw not one, but two packets of asam keping! Nampak sangat lama tak masak, sampai lupa kat mana letak asam keping ;) But I didn’t tell Che Man lah.

Spent the rest of Saturday afternoon doing laundry, cleaning and wiping. Sempat juga bergaduh dengan Aiman. Kuat buat sepah budak ni. He poured quarter bottle of honey on the floor, whole pack of ikan bilis into my stove, tabur bedak on my dressing table, keluarkan some pinggan mangkuk dari dalam almari. He also took out coins from tabung KFC and put them into his aeroplane dan kemudian ketuk-ketuk benda alah tu kat dinding sambil mengamuk coz he could not get those coins out. Kenapa lah wahai anak kau tak reti duduk diam tengok TV? Nasib baik petang tu dia tido sekejap. Kalau tak, meroyan aku.

After dinner Che Man asked me to follow him to send his brother in-law to KLIA but I refused. Sending one person to KLIA with two cars is just not productive. Che Man brought Aiman with him.

I thought I can just sit watching TV but it didn’t happen. I started with cleaning the house & sorting things out, and then took long shower. At 1a.m Che Man masih belum balik, aku siang ikan, ayam & sotong, malah siap tumbuk bawang bagai. Semangat nak masak untuk besok datang awal la pulak. I told myself many times that I should just take this opportunity to lepak, enjoy my tea, read a book, watch DVD or something relaxing, but I just can’t stop.

Che Man & Aiman only reached house after 1.30am. At first I was worried. We didn’t expect Che Man will come back so late. How la Aiman wants to sleep in the car when Che Man didn’t bring his car seat? When they reached home, Aiman was happily sat at the back seat holding a pack of junk food and refused to come out of the car. Budak bertuah. Tak tido lagi rupanya dia.

“Aiman gi mana tadi sayang?”

“Nenok ayah-pin” (tengok aeroplane)

I spent Sunday cooking & cleaning some more. Bila Aiman tido petang, I spent time with Che Man watched DVDs and read weekend papers. Didn’t manage to finish a movie. Get-up and prepared dinner pulak. Sungguh aman damai kat dapur tanpa si kecik terjerit-jerit mahukan perhatian. In the evening, we decided to bring Aiman to playground nearby. There, I realized that I was actually really tired – or maybe rasa macam nak demam. I just sat there looking at Aiman & Che Man playing around. Aku tak larat angkat my fat ass and join them. I saw this one guy with his two children. His children spoke in English but he talked to them in Malay (I think he wanted to ‘communicate’ with me kot. Obvious ok).

He constantly ‘scolded’ his children “Cepat! Cepat! Bergayut pada palang. Gerak. Pemalas. Cakap banyak. Budak-budak sekarang tengok TV 24 jam. Takde keluar peluh. Itu pun tak boleh buat. Cakap sajer banyak. Makan 3 kali sehari, exercise malas!”

Fuh… semangat tuh.

Puas hati. All laundry baskets are empty, cloths are folded, sorted and hanged properly, the floors from front to back including in all rooms are shining, dua-dua bilik air bersinar & harum (over kau ni Nomi), took out 3 garbage bags, fridge is clean, furniture’s wiped, I cooked for every meals for two days, washed my hair nicely, scrubbed the whole body and pampered myself with very thick perfumed lotion, read book, newspapers, watched TV & DVDs and kena sakat dengan Aiman.


Errr…. Takde pulak aku ambik gambar.

15 May 2009

Takda Update

I've drafted many entries.
Our short vacation.
Gathering with close friends - twice already!
Coffee session with ex-housemate and news she brought in!
Kedai gambar teramat bodoh kat Shah Alam Mall.
Annual meeting.
Dating & shopping with Che Man.
Ye.....semuanya di atas. Tapi satu pun aku tak publish. Rasa macam tah apa-apa je entries aku tu. Frust tak reti nak tulis semenarik kejadian yang sebenar. Meleret-leret tah apa-apa. Ada yang aku delete, tak save terus dan ada yang aku perab buat pekasam. Ada yang aku rasa dah terlalu basi, so baik takyah ;)
So, takde lah update.
Weekend ni aku off. Plan nak masak best-best sikit untuk Che Man and Aiman. Atau mungkin mengemaskan almari baju. Atau lepak-lepak baca fiksyen. Atau marathon DVDs. Mungkin aku patut ambik gambar activities on weekend pastu tempek-tempek kat sini. Suka hati aku lah kan? Blog aku.
Happy weekend you all.
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