28 September 2007


I am supposed to distribute my assignments. At least that is what I planned for today. I even brought this assignment home last night. Keletak, keletuk menaip sampai kul 1.30pagi. So I printed it out this morning and sent it for confirmation only to find out that the 2 people that I needed signature from are both on leave!

After that I was so eager to finish-up some work, but my boss asked me to help him with some assignments. By the time we finished, I have no more mood to do my work.

After that my boss left the office for a meeting in KL. He took his bag, his laptop, his newspapers, his laundered shirts and segala tok nenek - meaning he won't be coming back to office this evening. Yes! He said "See you next week! " Ha.. baru aku ingat.. esok public holiday. Double Yes!

After that I received sms from my best friends that her twins are admitted to hospital due to batuk yang teruk. She might not be able to attend the buka puasa get together that we have planned this Sunday. Oh.. dear. Cepat sembuh twins.

After that, I arranged for next week's meetings. After I sent all meeting notices, my boss called my hp to tell me that we need to change 2 of the meetings' dates! Argh....! Many people involve in these meetings la... susah lah camni..

After that, I checked my friends' blogs and their friends' blogs and their friends' friends' blogs until I get tired of seating. May as well I blog!

After this, I will try to finish another pending assignment. Should at least start doing it - but the problem is - to start! I should keep doing it otherwise I have to spend my weekend doing it. That will definitely spoil my plan for raya shopping.

I cannot go home early today. Will buka puasa in the hotel. I am the 'Duty Manager' for the night. I have not really seen the buka puasa atmosphere in this hotel this year. I heard we have 900 seats booked for tonight. I'll be very busy but for sure I will enjoy it.

Okay... times up.

22 September 2007

Yang Ditunggu Telah Tiba - Part II

Remember THIS post?

I wrote :
"Aku tengah menunggu sesuatu. Sleek, cun, compact, nice, red in color......"
Ni ha.... dah sampai! Yuhuuuuu...

It is not that my desktop rosak, but in a meeting, someone buka mulut and said that I should be given a laptop. Lebih mobile gitu. Hah? My boss immediately agreed - just like that. Okay people... it is not MY laptop. It is company's. But what the heck kan? Over 70 management staffs, only 3 are given laptop (besides desktop) you know...... *mode jakun on*.

Now I have no reason for not completing my work - they expect me to bawa kerja balik rumah! But, neither I ever complaint about my workload nor anybody complaint about me not finishing my assisgment - I have desktop at home by the way.

Have a nice weekend people, coz I know I am going to have a GREAT one!

*Senyum kambing pada laptop*.

21 September 2007


........ sepanjang hari disebabkan kisah ni. Bergenang air mata.....


Update (22/9/07):
It is difficult to read newspaper today. My eyes blury with tears.

18 September 2007

What Will Happen when a Mother of Six-Month-Year-Old Baby Feeling Tersangat Lazy in the Office?

  1. she will blog about her baby.
  2. she will post pictures of him.

Has started eating solid food. He eats well.

( So proud of him)

Nenek forbidden him from wearing this 'night gown'.

(She complained; with botak head he looks like sami!)

With his cousin, Helmi.

Err.. excuse the bedak yang bercapuk tu.

(Pandai tengok camera)

"Ibu, where is my black belt?"

(Late for Karate-do class)

"Sayang ibu....."


8th September 2007, 5.00pm

Minum Petang at Sham's

(Gambar minuman & makanan takde coz I was busy eating)

Aiman dengan tuan rumah

Rumah Sham dah macam 'day care' hari tu

Aiman trying to convince Yasir that babies can fly!

Aiman with Ayah terchenta

Pengantin baru dengan anak-anak pinjam.

(Turut kelihatan Aiman's girlfriend's mother)

15 September 2007

Bagaimana Ramadhan Ini....

...... I am wondering.

Last 2 years, I was single.
  1. If I can go home at 5.00pm, I go straight to pasar Ramadhan. I choose good pasar Ramadhan like seksyen 18 or Seksyen 6. Balik rumah, tunggu waktu berbuka.
  2. Or, if tak berapa sempat, I just go near my apartment, seksyen 16. Small pasar Ramadhan, not much variety, but still better than nothing.
  3. Or, if I have to work late, I buka puasa at staff cafeteria. Free food - I have no complaint.
  4. Or, if I have to work late in the first week of Ramadhan, I buka puasa at coffee house. However this one, I feel a bit guilty with chefs an other coffee house service staffs whoever on duty - syok-syok je I makan RM68 buffet without paying anything.
  5. Or, with friends buka puasa together somewhere - I love this one the most.
  6. Or, with my then fiancee somewhere
  7. Or, with family bila balik kampung

Last Year, Married and Pregnant

  1. Most of the time buka puasa with MIL & SIL family at MIL's. Makanan beli coz they are busy with tempahan baju raya. So balik kerja, singah PKNS beli food to bring to MIL's.
  2. Or, buka puasa dengan kawan-kawan somewhere - did I tell you I love this arrangement?
  3. Or, buka puasa with my husband in a restaurant or beli food and makan kat rumah. Tengok mana-mana sempat.
  4. Or, masak on weekend
  5. Or, with my family kalau balik kampung

This year, Mother of One

Not very sure how yet. So far...

First day : At MIL's. SIL masak. I bought kuih muih & drinks only.

Second day : Staff cafetaria. I was on duty assisting operation for corporate buka puasa yada.. yada.. yada.. Che Man buka at MIL's.

Third Day (Today) : Working half day. Balik kampung petang. So makan with family.

Fourth Day : Still will makan with family before depart to Shah Alam.

Fifth Day :

  • Plan A - Balik from office. Beli food. Beli kan MIL something to eat. Pick-up baby at MIL's. Balik. Buka puasa kat umah. Most probably I'll reach home by 7pm.
  • Plan B - Makan kat rumah MIL. The thing is aku segan la. I don't expect MIL to cook for us. Please la. Sometimes tu boleh la. Jadi satu kerja lak org tua tu nak masak kan untuk kita sekali. Mana nak jaga cucu-cucu lagi. So? I can buy and bring food to her house and buka there kan? But..... beli lauk only, booooriiiiing. I like (if I have to buy) food like laksa, soto, mee goreng, nasi ayam - jenis2 yang dalam satu bekas semua skali. But I cannot expect them to eat those things kan. Besides the RM......! Bukan la nak berkira sgt, but really, we cannot afford to buy food for everyone everyday. Also.... we are not sure, who will be there. I don't mind doing this sometimes you see. Or, we can give extra money for her to buy things to cook. But..... how much extra? Still I have to susahkan her to cook for MY family. Malu malu. No way no way.
  • Plan C - Balik kerja, ambik baby, terus balik. Masak. Buka at 8.00pm! Emmm?


I think I go for PLAN A.

Most of the days, I should just buy from Pasar Ramadhan near my office (or elsewhere, depending on masa available), buy some food for MIL, pick-up baby, go home and buka puasa. Sempat kot... insyaallah.

Sometimes, buy for everyone and buka puasa at MIL's.

Sometimes, buka puasa with friends somewhere.

Weekend masak at home. Buka with my little family.

On a weekend, masak and invite few people to buka puasa together.

Trial run this Monday. See first.....

14 September 2007

Tag - 5

Sudah kena tag dengan satu Ratu Jamu. So here...
5 Things In My Bag (Yang aku selalu bawak gi kerja)
1. My old-fat-black-Sembonia purse
2. My black make-up pouch
3. My black old-model Nokia (company’s) hand phone
4. My Olympus digital camera in black-dunno-know-what-material casing
5. My black diary 9cmx15cmx1cm in dimension attached with black gel pen
(OMG : All black meh?)

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. Duit sket jer..
2. MyKad
3. Credit card
4. Jusco Card
5. Bankcards

5 Favorite Things In My Bedroom
1. My queen-sized bed
2. My pillows
3. My dressing table
4. My baby’s cot
5. My big cupboard
(In summary, I love my bedroom set - furniture only).

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. Get rid of this itchy thingy – on my hand, on my back (tah ape benda tah!)
2. Entering an easy contest and win RM1m
3. Watching DVD while eating lunch – kan tengah posa ni.
4. Sleeping on my favorite bed with no one in the house
5. Shopping for ‘S’ size clothes – this one more like berangan

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. Thinking… Typing… Staring
2. Blogging from my office feeling uneasy coz kerja banyak tak siap
3. Staring blankly at papers & files on my table
4. Wondering what is my little Aiman doing at his nenek’s house
5. Doing a mental list of what are the things /work to do after this

5 People I Would Like To Tag
1. Juliah
2. Amy -kalau hang belum kena lagi la...
3. Aje
4. Konot
5. Shell

11 September 2007

Yang Ditunggu Telah Tiba - Part I

From my previous post :
"Aku tengah menunggu sesuatu. A bit bulky, comfy, nice, dark chocholate kalernye..."

Yesterday, I GOT IT ALREADY! Yahooooo....!

08 September 2007


Timbangkan, Seimbangkan
  • Aku ter-lebih berat! I want to go on diet. Tapi masalah problem nya kat sini, aku memang kuat makan. Sangat-sangat sukar untuk tidak makan or makan sket. Last time, takde problem sangat - rasa dah gemuk; I exercised. But hey... skrang takut lak nak exercise. Terbukak lak my c-section camne? However, lately I found my (big-sized) jeans loose. Rerupa nya I have lost 5kg. How come? Mesti pasal jaga baby ni. Another 5kg to go.
  • Ade banyak kerje opis pending. Aku malas tahap gaban. I had briefing about audit this morning. Haram jadah aku tak paham satu bende pun. Tak teringin pun nak gi tanya balik. Naper ngan aku ni?
  • Dah lebih sebulan selsema aku masih tak baik. Sok sek sok sek - rimas gile. Dah banyak kali jumpa doctor, sampai aku malas nak gi lagi. In the evening, selalu demam. Kalau pagi elok sket (habih camne nak dapat MC?). Telan je la panadol.
  • Belikat aku sakit gile - petang je. Sangat sakit until I feel like crying. I can't event carry my handbag sebelah kanan. Sesapa tau kat mana nak urut?
  • Dah tengok gambar Erra bertunang? Tak cantek kan? - Apesal aku sibuk plak ni? Lantak kat dia la... dia yang bertunang!
  • Dah tengok video 'Ella & Jojie'? Jojie aku tak berapa perasan muka dia, tapi.. Ella... sejibik! Adik beradik tu, cameraman, the two jantans and Allah saje la yang tau.
  • Aku tengah menunggu sesuatu. Sleek, cun, compact, nice, red in color......
  • Aku tengah menunngu sesuatu. A bit bulky, comfy, nice, dark chocolate kalernye.....
  • Emmmm... should I buy baju raya now? Or should I wait till I lost few kgs? - Boleh ker?
  • I have a list of things I want for the house - stick onto my fridge. Betul kata orang. If you want someting, write it down and paste it somewhere where you can see it easily everyday. No need to read - just glance at it everyday. Now... I am going to get them one by one. How I manage to do that? When there is a will, there is a way.
  • Looking forward to meet friends this weekend. Can't wait.
  • Must have more saving! More saving! - only to spend it for Raya. *Aduh*
  • Bila nak naik gaji ni? (errrr... kerja malas!)
  • Must cook nice food this weekend. Must kemas rumah. Must move some furniture.
  • Looking forward to bagi Aiman makan myself. Selalunya, nenek dia yang bagi. This weekend is my chance - jgn lupa ambik gambar (suka hati aku la).
  • Okay. Must stop now. Must start doing that blo*dy minutes.

So? Why am I writing all these in here? Because this is my blog. Aku nyer pasal la...

06 September 2007


So.. did solid food & buaian make him slept well last night? No!

But at least I am happy coz he has no problem swallowing his first spoon of solid food. In fact, MIL gave him twice; at noon and in the evening. I came back a little bit late. When I reached MIL’s he had just eaten. Later we went to Jusco and purchased buaian.

Bofore: Nak tidurkan mesti guna bouncing chair

After : Dalam Buaian

He slept at about 11.00pm. Few times he woke up and cried. Buain-buai, he tido. After all the house chores, I put Aiman into his baby coat and I climbed my bed at 1.00am

1.30am Aiman woke up and cried. I put into his buaian, after sometimes he stopped crying and slept. I lie down; more like merengkot atas kerusi. After 10 minutes he started crying again. I have to dukung him for about half and hour and put him to sleep again. This cycle went on and on until 4.00am. In between of coz bagi susu & checked dyper la.

Dah tak dapat buka mata, I asked Che Man to take over and I slept. At 5.30am Che Man asked whether I can take over. Dalam mengantuk aku sempat membebel “No! I stayed up for 3 hours and you only stay up for 1 and half hour? No way!”. He.. he… I was really sleepy you see. This morning, according to Che Man, Aiman finally dozed off at 6.00am. Let see what will happen to night.

My friends said: count your blessings. Of course! Not able to sleep properly at night is nothing. Some people are not yet blessed with a child - walau dah bertahun kahwin, some people have to stay up at almost every night - their child need constant monitoring due to some kind of illness. Some don’t even have chance to have a child – 50 years old and not married yet. Some people ada anak yang cacat – needs full attention. Some people don’t have enough money to provide for their children - minum la budak tu susu pekat manis / air kanji ehsan orang lain. Some people ada anak takde husband – divorce, pass away, never been married, etc. Some people disingkir family - perkahwinan tak direstui, having anak tak sah taraf or they simply don’t care. Some people tak dapat jaga anak properly - meroyan after gave birth. Some people gone crazy - laki decided to disappear with other woman. Macam-macam lah!

Myself, I am blessed with a cheeky son, sempurna physical & mental - insyaallah. Walau tak kaya, rezeki kami masih mencukupi untuk memeliharanya secara teratur. Takde masalah tak cukup duit beli susu, lampin, baju, ubat atau apa-apa keperluannya. Ada husband yang memahami and cukup sabar layan kerenah isteri & anaknya. Ada keluarga (dan keluarga mertua) yang very supportive. Sihat tubuh badan (& akal fikiran), able to work, do house chores, stay up to take care of baby, bermesra with anak & laki.

Jadi…. I am not complaining here. Aku cuma perlu bersabar. Ikhtiar or at least adapt to it. I have listed down the possible causes of this problem. I have also listed down my action plans. I will check one by one.

So friends, if you cannot comprehend my entry today, never mind. It is not your fault. It's me – drowsy and sleepy.

05 September 2007

Dia Buat Lagi...

I know its happening again. He showed me the signs 4 days ago.

Yup! My Aiman has changed his shift (again!). I think, last Sunday & Monday was his trial run. He woke-up at wee hours and cried for no apparent reasons. Sesekejap bangun, sesekejap tido. Day time, he slept like nobody business. Kena kejut kan dia for susu. Itu pun mata masih tertutup.

Tuesday – 4th Sep 2007
He was still awake at 1.30am. Che Man and I dah tau what is going to happen. So we made this arrangement:
1.30am to 3.00am - Nomi
3.00am to 5.30am - Che Man
5.30am onwards - Nomi

Finally Aiman dozed off at 7.00am. I was too sleepy to take shower and ended-up sleeping until 8.00am.

I was 5 minutes late for 9.00am meeting. Aku tersengguk-sengguk tahan mengantuk. Dah lambat kan gi kerja pagi tu kan, mana sempat nak minum kopi. The next half of the meeting, I closed my eyes (zzzzz….). Nasib baik meeting tu my boss tak masuk and it lasted one and half hour only. I quickly went back to my office (sebelum sesapa sempat menanyakan apa-apa) and drank coffee. Then I blog, blog-hopping and served the net sampai petang. When I tried to do some real works, my eyes shut! I did la little bit here and there (in between blog-hopping) and called my boss to check this & that. At 5.30pm, I told my assistant “sesapa carik, cakap you tak tau!”. I went inside my boss’s room and slept on the sofa until 6.15pm. Damn! The aircond was too cold. Aku start demam!

Wednesday – 5th Sep 2007
Che Man woke me up at 3.00am. Dia nak tido plak. Aiman masih tak mau tido since 11.00pm. Berjaga la aku sampai kul 5.00am. Not too bad coz I slept at 11.00pm, last night. No need to kejutkan Che Man coz baby finally dozed off at 5.00am. When I opened my eyes again, it was 8.15am! Aiyoooo….. sudah lambat nak pergi kerja. Express discussion and decision made. We called (Aku sms je) our bosses to ask for half day leave. Lucky Aiman terus tido sampai kul 10.30 pagi – we all sambung tido / bayar hutang. Lepas mandi kan dia, kami bersiap and sent him to MIL. Sempat lunch kat MIL's. I reached office at 12.45pm.

Today is actually new beginning for Aiman. He will start eating solid food today. I will miss it coz MIL will do that *Ibu kena gi kerja sayang*. We plan to buy buaian for him tonight. Hopefully, solid food & buaian will do well to his sleeping schedule (and ours!).

Errr... my boss has not reply my sms yet la.... this is so not him. Takut lak aku!

03 September 2007

Cukur Jambul

Finally we had it on 1st September 2007.

At planning stage, we were worried because this is the first time kenduri at my MIL house (they lived elsewhere last year). I was worried about the budget too - It is not cheap to have small kenduri these days. SIL advised that I should not think too much. Tentu ada rezeki Aiman.

One week before the majlis, we found out that a neighbor have decided to hold a wedding kenduri few houses away – the same row. It was their last minutes decision for reasons only they know. FIL was furious but refused to change the date. Aiya.. how la? Tak kan kita tengah marhaban, dia orang berkaraoke? Tak kan lah kita tengah bertahlil, dia orang berkompang? Won’t people get confused with the khemah and all?

We started the morning as early as 4.30am. Aiman was not well. Still sick with flu. He did not sleep well the previous night and that didn’t help to ease my migraine. Rasa macam nak pecah kepala okey... sampai termuntah.

I was a bit sad that I didn't get him baju melayu. I thought I could get it beli-siap, but after rounds & rounds of searching, I accepted the fact that beli-siap nyer is for at least one-year-old baby. I wanted to buy the smallest size, but Che Man tak approve. To tailor-make: already too late. *(Raya nanti ye sayang... )*.

We started the marhaban at 10.00am. I missed the part where Aiman was circling the buaian - poor him, one auntie had to carry him - ibu was no where to be seen! I only took my place when Aiman was already in the buaian. The marhaban (by almost 50 ladies) was beautiful. Aiman felt asleep in the buai. I had to wake him up so take they can cut his hair, tepung tawar him, bubuh bunga rampai on his head, tabur beras kunyit, etc. I was surprised to see one bakul filled with ang pau. I was not not aware that people will give money to the baby in this ceremony. (Alhamdullillah - his rezeki). SIL was behind me distributing paper bag with some souvenirs items. Aiman behaved himself until I put him back into buaian when they sang lagu-lagu nasihat for him. Lunch started at 11.30am. Ladies first - men were inside the house for tahlil.

I was happy coz :-

  • At last, we managed to do this for Aiman.
  • As we started early, we finished early, therefore not clashed with the other kenduri.
  • Not only my family came, my grandmother, my auntie, my cousins and my mum’s cousin also managed to come.
  • Few close friends were around – that’s why I call them close friends.
  • Aiman – despite not feeling well, he behaved himself until end of the ceremony and slept the whole afternoon, when we busy berkemas.
  • Food was nice, plenty & enough for everybody.
  • My BIL acted as financial controller and we ended-up sharing the expenses at agreed portions - lighter budget for us.
  • Despite my earlier objection on buaian part, SIL made an effort to make it happened.
  • Weather was good. It was only raining in the afternoon, but that only made our coffee & teh tarik nicer.
  • Things went on smoothly. (I should do sujud syukur).

Marhaban Group.
(Usually only ibu will sing for him)

Aiman yang jarang-jarang tido dalam buaian, was a bit nervous.

"Ayah... what is happening here?"

Aiman didn't care about people cutting his hair or throwing bunga rampai at him.

Yang penting pose for the camera.

"Oh no! They are so jealous of my beautiful hair"

(I am so tempted to call him 'Aiman-botak')

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.