24 November 2009

My Out of Body Experience (OOBE) - Part 1: Was it a Dream?

I wrote a little bit of my OOBE here.

These few days I keep thinking about what happened to me and to my dismay, I don’t remember much of these experiences anymore. Maybe because those happened too long time ago and I actually never re-visited the experiences verbally, mentally or physically – that’s why (maybe).
If I’m not mistaken, I was in Form 5 – early year.
It was during examination week.

I suddenly find myself in examination hall at school. It was quite dark but I can see tables arranged like they were prepared for exam.

I was alone, but I wasn’t scared at all. I immediately realized that I am in my dream. I went around the hall with the hope to find some exam papers. I don't know how, but I feel like that is the main reason I am at the examination hall. Maybe I can remember some questions. I found papers in one of the tables. I was confident the paper I was looking at is exam paper. I tried to read but I can’t. I felt like, I don’t know how to read. I don’t understand what is written on the papers.

I fell light. Very light. I looked down and found myself floating about 1 foot above the floor. "Wow! This is nice", I thought. I forgot about the exam papers and enjoy floating around. I danced away like I’m doing ice skating. I really enjoyed floating around the hall.

Suddenly my head feels heavy. In the dimmed light, I found myself in my bedroom. I can see my room furniture upside down and my vision blurry. Slowly my vision adjusted and became clearer. Furniture slowly placed at the correct angel. I struggled to move but I can’t. I don’t understand why I can’t move. I can’t even blink my eyes.

After I struggled for few minutes, I managed to move my hands, my legs and the whole body and they were heavy. I felt weird and really tired. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Till now I keep wondering, was it a dream?

It felt so real.

19 November 2009

Biadap Kau eh?

Dah memang betul, terbukti dan kau sendiri ter-confessed yang kau sedang mengganggu-gugat rumahtangga orang, lagi kau nak biadap kan?
That’s facts. People talking about facts. Terkena lak batang hidung kau. Nasiblah. Boleh lak warning orang lain ‘Ape salahnya? Lelaki boleh kahwin empat. You just go back and take care of your husband lah!’ .
Hahahaha…. kau takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri kan? Sebab tu kau lebih senang keluarkan statement biadap pada orang yang jauh lebih tua daripada kau.
Umur kau berapa?
Umur perempuan yang kau suruh jaga husband dia tu berapa?
Somemore, she wasn’t talking to you.
She was just joking with that asshole your boyfriend about having second and third wife. They both were laughing away, enjoying their conversation.

Perlu ke keluarkan statement biadap macam tu?
Terkena batang hidung?

Kau bebalik berangan.

Jantan tu sibuk merosak reputasi kau kat tempat kerja. Balik kerja kang, dia peluk dan cium his wife. While he is making passionate love to his wife, kau kat umah dok tengok ceiling, tenung cicak beromen.

Kesian kau.

Makhluk perosak!

17 November 2009

Timbang Pelsu & DVD Pelsu

Tak sepatutnya talk about diet, losing weight, food or anything like that this week, BUT, why not? This is my blog, I’ll write anything I want. You all menyampah? Ada aku kesah? Muhahahaha......
I thought I am at 50kg. At least that is what my weighing scale tells me. But last week, I checked with a digital machine. You know.... the kind that can measure your height, weight, body mass, body fat, blood pressure, yada yada yada?
I am actually at FIFTY bloody TWO kilograms. 52.7kg to be exact!!!! Anytime can reach 53kg. *pengsan*
Went back home timbang kat rumah. Yeah... still 50kg. Sah! Timbang ni rosak. Apa-apa lah labu.
Let’s see these stats:
1) Weight : 52.7 kg *nangis*
2) Height : 162 cm *ooooo... baru ku tahu*
3) BMI : 20.1 (ideal 19 to 25) *ok, I guess*
4) Ideal Weight: 49 to 65 kg *Yeah right!!!*
5) Body Fat Index: 28.8% (ideal : 18 to 27%.) *Aiyoooo. Sudah terlebih 1.8%*
6) Mass Body Fat : 15.2 kg (ideal : 9.5 to 14.2 kg) *sudah terlebih 1 kg daaaa*

Nasib baik set objektif : ‘Mesti hilang 3 kg sebelum hujung tahun ini’
Bukan nya : ‘Mesti capai berat 47kg sebelum hujung tahun ni – nak mampus?’
Sekarang ni masih ambil breakfast macam biasa. Macam biasa mungkin bermaksud, sebungkus nasi lemak RM1 atau 3 biji karipap sardine yang lazat atau 4 keping biskut marrie atau Nescafe Kacip Fatimah & collagen sajer (in case tak sempat breakfast).
For lunch I am taking half of whatever amount I’m eating before.
Dinner cuma the ever-boring capati or tauhu bakar or milo kosong with 2in1 Quaker oat. At times whenever I feel not satisfied, I’ll eat dua sudu nasi from Che Man’s plate.
Ada juga hari-harinya I aku agak terlebih. Misalnya minggu lepas aku buat kek batik untuk bawa ke majlis harijadi anak buah Che Man, ada balance kek yang masih cair, aku pulun beberapa sudu sambil menonton TV. Macam hari ni jugak, aku tak sempat pun nak lunch sebab boss tipu aku. Katanya dia nak sign check sikit je sebab nak cepat, tup-tup beribu-ribu lemon cheque yang dia sign. Memang le dia yang sign, tapi aku kena baca dan explain satu-satu untuk dia. Boleh plak dia take 10 tengah-tengah tu, pas tu sign balik. Sudahnya jam pun dah pukul 4.30ptg. Pukul 5 aku kebulur, terus turun deli, sebat 2 cheese breads. Jahanam diet aku.
Aku tau. Looking at the time left, effort aku patut jauh lebih baik daripada ni. But I know myself well. I have to start slow. Like.. really slow.
I can feel the momentum has increased now (ceh wah). I can’t no longer eat big lunch now. Tak boleh masuk. I am no longer feeling hungry at night walau cuma hadap milo kosong dengan 2in1 Quaker oat for dinner. I don’t feel terliur looking at cakes anymore.
But this week, my efforts must be more.
Breakfast – must reduce the portion. No more nasi lemak or mee goreng.
Lunch – have cut into half portion, but need to reduce another 30%.
Dinner – strictly no rice (okeh… mungkin sesudu from Che Man’s plate). Just capati, capati, capati, capati or 2in1 oat in milo kosong.
Exercise – must start. 20 sit-ups before I sleep and another 20 when I get up in the morning. I’ve tried this before and it works wonder I tell you. *Jangan cakap sajer Nomi*
Korang dah tengok 2012? (Eh… tetiba tukar topic). Tak pernah aku suh sesapa gi lah tengok cerita tu dan ini, but this time lain. PERGI LAH TENGOK oiiii! I made booking last week but unable to pay online. Manjang error je. Sudahnya aku terpaksa reserve dan seat pun tak cun. Niat hati tu cepat sikit sampai cinema so, boleh tukar seat. It was on Friday (I took annual leave) and there was a notice board that says…. 2012 TODAY SOLD OUT! Sold out on Friday afternoon? Anyway, managed to cut queue (sebab dah buat reservation); changed session and changed to couple seat terus. Berbaloi-baloi.
Must get the DVD pelsu soon.

02 November 2009

Weekend Intake

Bersedialah dengan review-review on what, when and where I ate. Because that is very important to me since I have a mission to accomplish by end of this year (lagi 2 bulan je?). Then you’ll read how this and that are not good, bad and will lead to my failure of achieving my objectives, yada.. yada.. yada… because after what I ate (and the amount of whatever I’ve eaten) clearly show lack of discipline – my bad.

After I published my previous entry, I went out for dinner with Che Man. Since it was at mamak, I ordered my usual capati. This time around, instead of the tarik, I ordered milo kosong. Good kan? But then Che Man could not finish his maggi goreng and I ate the balance. Dah tinggal sesudu dua, baru insaf.

The next day worked for half day. Had lunch at one of the hotel outlets the usual lunch patners. How can I say no to nice halal bento? You tell me. Licin. Suddenly ex-GM came for visit and sat with us and somebody ordered superlious opera cake. Rasa 3 sudu gitu and had to say “Nescafe tarik satu ye dik…..” to the waitress. Tak best makan cake without a cup of hot & creamy coffee.

Yummy Bento

Went to visit a friend (who recently got baby girl *lambai Yadi*) in the afternoon. They served us cakes. What happened when you serve cake to hantu cake. Ok. I think you understand.

Balik kampung after that. My elder sister hosted a birthday party for her daughter. Nasi lemak you all……! Lengkap dengan sambal udang petai, ayam goreng berempah, kangkung rebus, telur rebus dan tah apa-apa lagi. There were cakes, pudding, kuih bakar, popiah goreng, carbonated drinks and so much more. Aku pegang pinggan and said “I’ll start diet tomorrow lah”, baca doa makan and eat and eat and eat sampai rasa dah takleh masuk baru berhenti.

Jumpa cup cakes dalam peti ais.

Hantu Kek
The next day breakfast with nasi lemak lebih semalam yang masih sedap dan menawan. Tak lupa juga nasi campur for lunch and nasi goreng + ayam golek for dinner. There… my weekend was full of eating sessions.

This morning, ate 3 donut bersambal and keaw teow goreng for lunch (plus ayam goreng with lemon sauce). When I talk about food (or typing stories involving them), I develop the urge to eat, so I am munching kuih raya now!

So tonight baru boleh start proper diet. ;)

Nota ujung-ujung:
I will not achieve my objectives without proper action plan. Gotta to draft somekind of action plan. Now.
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