29 November 2007


I went through some of the things I blog-ed here. I could not find anything related to Aiman's development. Kalau ada pun cerita pasal dia tak mahu tido sampai buat aku nak naik gila. Teruknya aku.
So aku ambil beberapa keping gambar dia. Ingat nak blog about some new development just for my own record coz lately he has achieved so many things.
But still.....
Hari ni, masih tak dapat lagi blog about his achievements. Coz I want to blog about omething that makes me worry.Dah tiga hari najis Aiman cair saje. Tak tau naper. MIL said umur macam ni memang tengah nak ringan kan badan. Dua hari lepas takde la aku risau, sebab waktu beraknya masih teratur - walau pun cair semacam. Tapi malam tadi, I just cannot wait for siang to come. Everytime I gave him milk, dia berak cair, sampai takde najis dah... just yellow-ish water. Tukar diaper banyak kali. Dia nampak mengantuk sangat, tapi menangis almost all night long (until 5am!). Sakit perut agaknya. Macam kita kena cirit-birit. The last bottle I gave him at 5.oo am. Then aku pun tertido. Sedar kul 6.00pagi, I saw Aiman tido megiring sambil Che Man peluk dia. Botol susu yang kosong kat sebelah. Kesian anak ibu. Entah bila la dia tertido. Entah-entah dia menangis-nangis cuba kejutkan ibu tapi ibu tak sedar pun....
Che Man and i decided to take him to clinic tonite. Yup... TONIGHT not today! I hate the fact that I have to leave him all day long with MIL (in that condition) cause his father and I have to go to work. I have meeting early morning, so I asked Che Man to send me first to office, before send Aiman. Aiman was sleeping all the way to Shah Alam. Tak bangun pun bila aku cium dia. Terlentok jer dalam car seat. Mengantuk sangat nampaknya anak ibu. Berat betul hati aku nak tinggal kan dia camtu. Kalau la aku boleh tinggal kan saja meeting pagi ni dan bawa dia gi clinic.... kalau lah aku boleh duduk rumah jaga dia..... kalau la sakitnya tu boleh di transfer kan pada aku.....
I can't wait to go back. I want to bring him to see doctor. I hope, there is nothing serious.

19 November 2007


I know them through Che Man. It was in a month of Syawal; few years back. We went to their new-big-house at a new housing area. Apparently Che Man had not seen them for quite sometimes. They already have 2 daughters at that time. Their conversation was mostly about the couples’ carriers – they work at the same place. The husband works during normal hours, odd hours and long hours. Everyday. Part of it due to his nature of job. The wife who works in office will have to follow the husband working hours in order to solve their logistic problem. They however do not mind since the money is very good. Their daughters live with dear mother and only spend few days with them every week. We were amazed with the situation. I cannot imagine myself going through that on daily basis. However, the materialistic part of me envies them.

Che Man invited them to our house during last Syawal. They have 2 daughters and a son now. I am glad that this family stayed after everyone else left my house. We spent good one hour talking about our lives now.

The wife has stop working 2 years ago after gave birth to her son. The husband has been terminated from work about few months ago due to some crisis at work. They did not talk about how difficult life has been since the last few months – something I expect them to mention. They mentioned nothing like that. They are jovial couple. I forgot about how difficult life must be for them now when the husband cracked jokes after jokes.
The husband asked me to tapau serunding since his elder daughter loves it so much. She ate everything with serunding. Masalodeh, mee hoon goreng, spaghetti, nasi himpit, satay.
I asked, “Really? I tapau okey...?”
He said, “I am just joking la.....”.
Anyway, I made a mental note to act on that before they leave.

Time to leave. We walked them to their car – a car; we thought. Instead, it was a motorcycle. Five of them on a motorcycle. They left. Happily waved at us. Knowing where they live, they will be on the motorcycle for more than one hour.

We stayed outside of the house picking up some rubbish in the car porch when suddenly Che Man said “Kesian la. Tentu susah hidup dia orang skrang. Ye la... sampai ke tahap jual kereta”. That is exactly what I was thinking.

In the kitchen I was still thinking about them. How life can change drastically? How some people can still show happy faces when they are forced to change their lifestyles coz money is a big issue now?

It reminds me of myself – suka mengeluh about not having this & that, spend my precious time doing this budget & that budget (but never stick to it) and hate the fact that I HAVE to do budget at all, looking at other people’s nicer houses, cars, handbag, shoes, suits and at almost every better things they could afford and secretly envied them. Suka berangan that one day I’ll win something like more-jutaria contest and bring back RM1million in cash.
Why not grateful for whatever I have now?

Then, I realized I was staring at a Tupperware filled with serunding and packets of nasi himpit that I forgot to give them.


I hope they keep the house.

17 November 2007

12 November 2007

Raya is sooooo... over!

From my previous post :

"I don't think I can host an open house this raya season"

So, what happened? Can I call it an open house? I dunno.

Some close friends suggested that we gather at my house last weekend. Many people at work asked when is the the suitable date for them to come to my house. My husband was thinking about inviting office mates to our house. I was thinking it's time to invite my ex-housemates for dinner or something.

So, Che Man and I decided that last Saturday was a suitable day, since both of us will be on annual leave.

I was the Sous Chef, the Executive Housekeeper, the Chief Steward and the Hostess. Che Man has been good to me. He tried his best to divert Aiman's attention to other things other than constantly seeking my attention. The whole morning & afternoon, I was like lipas kudung doing the preparation. At last, we managed a small-get-together for close friends and office mates.

However, I cannot accommodate Che Man's office mates request to come in the afternoon. Sorry darling, you know how tak sempat kan? I'll make it up to you.

Mari tengok gambar.

02 November 2007

Still Raya What....

I know it is NOT a compulsory to post an entry about raya, but somehow I feel it is a must. Ye la.... it is an important event / celebration in our lives kan?

My problem is, I dunno how to summarize it. Those who read my blog regularly or know me personally will realize that I am such a long-winded woman! Yes..... I too realized that okay...? Let see.... may I start with:

The Eve of Raya (Aiyooo... ini pun citer ker?)
I took the day off ; konon-konon nak kemas rumah and pack things for long balik kampung. I ended-up going pusing-pusing Klang and Shah Alam looking for an open clinic. It started when I was garu-ing my kepala on what to do first, I heard Aiman cried lain macam sket. I checked. Badan nya panas. Nearly 39 degree. I panicked. Lap badan dia dengan tuala basah and keluar gi clinic. Masa ni la pulak all LAPAN clinics we went closed for raya holiday. I feel like throwing a stone to their 24hours signs. When we finally found one, got Aiman checked, bagi ubat and all, it was already 5pm.
Ayah & Anak yang ke-mengantukan lepas makan ubat
Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, it was on the eve of hari raya where I was supposed to be at my mother in law's helping her with buka puasa and other raya preparation. This is my first raya to be at my MIL’s place first. Bad impression la kan? Satu helai baju pun tak kemas lagi. We reached her house dekat buka puasa time. Dah la tak bawa sebijik kuih pun..... alahai...... Anyway, maybe because of ubat, Aiman slept well. His body temperature later subsided. We went through the raya preparation dengan meriah and gelak ketawa. I guess, I am lucky to have such nice mertua, ipar duai, biras, nieces and nephews.

1st Day of Raya
Surprisingly I had pretty good sleep that night. Aiman bangun once and terus tido after minum susu. My main concern in the morning was to ensure Aiman tak deman. Make sure makan ubat, minum susu, and mandi and pakai baju raya. He was so nyenyak.

Aiman tak sedarkan diri.....

While the rest pergi masjid for sembahyang raya, few stayed back to prepare breakfast. We had breakfast – this is the first time I had breakfast with all of Che Man's family members. Salam-salam-duit-raya-ambil-gambar. BUT..... Che Man and I, we decided to bersalam bermaafan later in private, coz kita orang malu nak buat camtu in front of his family.
In the afternoon, we drove to Melaka. My MIL’s kampung. Che Man and I bersalaman dan bermaafan dalam kereta on the way to melaka, bleh?

Acara ambil gambar di pagi mulia


2nd Day Raya

Melaka was fun too. It was not overcrowded as I had imagined. There were so many people but it was a fairly comfortable. We went around for raya. Nice people, delicious food. On a different note; Aiman spent much of his time sleeping – could be due to the medicine I diligently gave him. Poor him that I brought him from house to house for raya in a mengantuk mode like that. This is an experience for me. To have a very young child with you while visiting other people houses, sometimes you got to forget about menjamu selera dengan selesa.

Aiman bukan main tido lagi...

3rd Day of Raya & the rest of the week

When they are many people in one house, preparing meals requires a lot of time. I took the safer task – kontrak basuh pinggan. In the afternoon we decided to singgah Nilai – my hometown for lunch before the others proceed to their own destinations. The going back journey felt so long. I missed my family so very much. We were delayed by heavy rain in Melaka.

Heavy rain & flood that delayed our plan. This is jalan raya okeyyyy...

We had our lunch at 3.30pm. It was nice. Thanks to my sister & my dear mother who had to rush with lunch preparation. They never disappointed me in that department. It was sooooo good to be home.

Che Man felt sick that night. He slept most of the time. Aiman dah tak demam. Just selsema and sikit batuk. My elder sister came back from her Kedah. Things went on slowly but with festive mood. Raya visits and all. I felt so relax, so at home. I took the opportunity to take Aiman to children specialist in Seremban too. Lucky that he was only demam selsema biasa. We also went to get his MYkid. Dah berzaman, baru lah terhegeh-hegeh nak collect. Anak aku orang Negeri Sembilan wey...!

Aiman dengan his MyKid

We went to visit my older brother at PESADA. Happy to see him, he was happy to see us. Happy to be able to celebrate raya with him, even in such situation. At least we know that he is healthier there.

Nephew, Nieces, Younger sisters and Aiman with my brother

My elder sister insisted that we shoot for family photo together before my younger sister go back to her place. It was too last minute’s notice, so you won’t see my parents and the other younger sister in this photo. Other than that, I tak ambik banyak gambar, coz I was shy to take out my camera and ask people to pose – susah la aku ni!

Mak, Abah, Adik takde dalam gambar. Isehman....!

We came back to Klang on Saturday evening.

Well, masih hari raya lagi. We did a small family gathering at my place last week, and this time I was totally forgotten about ambil gambar. Satu pun takder. Arghhhh!

I don’t think I can host an open house this raya season. Demam berpanjangan, Aiman asyik nak berdukung and and Che Man is busy with his work even on weekends. I might call few close friends for small dinner or tea and that will be in batches – rumah saya kecik! Since the raya month is almost over, maybe in the month of Zulkaedah?



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