17 June 2011

Hati Remuk

There are many happenings in my life for the past few months. I didn't blog about many things for past few months too. I thought I can do delayed-entries later. Simply because, I think it is important for me put records somewhere.

But, after some HUHA that happened in my life lately, I feel like closing this blog. Recently when I read my previous entries, aku rasa sebak giler. (I even crying while typing this). All these while, things that I wrote, were things that happened in FRONT of me. Rupa-rupanya there were things that happened BEHIND me. Should I get to know earlier, those entries surely will be different or may not even exist.

I am type of person who like to talk about things. If I can't talk, I'll write. Simpan-simpan tak berapa gemar. For sure I wish I can talk or write about what happened. But till now, I find it very difficult to do so. At one time, I feel like I should talk to someone, at another time, I feel like I better not. At one time, I feel like I should publish it here, another time my another self telling me "Don't you dare!" So here am I. Typing this pathetic-what-the-hell-pompuan-ni-is-talking-about entry, feeling stupid and sad all over.

Now I understand, why some people feel the need to close their blog, or at least start a new one.

I promise myself that I want to start fresh. I don't want to be sad anymore. I desperately want to be the-happy-Nomi again. Those things that happened has already happened. Nothing I can do about it now. I promise myself, I should concentrate on current and future issues. There are so much to do now anyway.

But...... Can I?

Can I just forget it? Can I just move on? What if it happens again? Do I just press the 'reset' button and start fresh?

I keep asking myself.... why?


No one could answer me. Even the one who knows the answer, will not answer me. My heart bleeding.

Orang kata 'masa menyembuh luka'. Kalau begitu, biar lah masa ni cepat berlalu.

... and this entry is going nowwhere.

16 June 2011


Takut nak update blog.

Takut lain yang nak dicerita,
Takut lain pulak yang tertera.

Lagi pun, apa yang patut dicerita,
Ber-arus sonsang dengan mood pencerita.

Al maklumlah, yang nak dicerita, cerita basi,
Tapi mood yang ada, tak kasi.

Tu lah...
Lain kali tak boleh delay delay posting kat blog ni,
Sekarang mood semua dah lari.

Korang datanglah lain kali,
Terima kasih daun keladi.

21 May 2011

Ahli Baru

Presenting our new Bundle of Joy

A.meer N.azeem Bin N.orazman
5th April 2011, Tuesday, 12.50am

17 February 2011


Belajar Dari Pengalaman
Belajar Dari Kesalahan
Belajar Dari Pengamatan
Belajar Memberi
Belajar Menerima
Belajar Memaafkan
Belajar Bersabar
Mana Tahu, Satu Hari
Perlu Belajar

08 February 2011


There were some signs
I ignored them
I refused to believe
But I never forget them

Until they are too much to ignore
I have to accept
Things are happening
There are 3 choices
But they are not mine to make

So, please choose wisely
I. Beg. You

01 February 2011

Pindah Rumah (Cerita Tahun Lepas)

Laaaaa….dah masuk February 2011 rupanya!

Memula dalam entry ni aku ingat nak cerita serba sedikit pasal things that happened in year 2010. Simply because I think it is important for me to have some records somewhere. But there are some problems.

1) I can’t remember ALL the things that happened.
2) When I start to type a story, ia jadi terlalu panjang. Dasar longwinded. Pastu tu rasa cam tak lengkap kalau tak taruk gambar sekali. Tapi kalau taruk, lagi lah panjangggggg !
3) Terus aku jadi cam tak larat nak type any entry pun.

Sooooo….. I have decided just to select few things that happened in my life in year 2010 and write about it se-longwinded yang aku mahu, dalam entry yang berasingan. Meaning, instead of one entry I will have to have few. Let just hope the momentum tak lari after an entry.

(Sekarang, cuba kira, berapaa banyak perkataan ENTRY yang dah aku type?)

Kita mulakan dengan cerita PINDAH RUMAH

Rumah yang sepatutnya siap November 2009, cuma di beri kunci middle February 2010. Itu pun bila ramai buyer dah kecoh-kecoh kacau developer. Aku pun ikut join online community forum untuk carik geng kasik pressure kat developer. Bila dah dapat kunci, aku hantar surat demand for late delivery penalty. Walau they all cuba mengelak bayar dengan alasan-alasan yang tak berapa nak masuk akal sampai berbulan, aku tak kira. Demand jugak. Akhirnya setelah 6 bulan dapat gak around RM2000. Boleh lah kan daripada tak dapat apa-apa.

Berbalik pada cerita pindah rumah, lepas dapat kunci terus saja we looked for contractor to do some basic works for the house. Sambil-sambil developer rectify defects, we did the ceiling, grille, demolished the original counter top in kitchen, re-positioned pipes in the kitchen, install kitchen cabinet and curtain. No major renovation. Duit tak cukup. Ada aku cerita kat sini.

Acara membasuh rumah

Acara menanam rumput

Aku ambik kesempatan tu mengemas apa yang patut dan membuang apa yang tak perlu kat rumah sewa. Tak sangka begitu banyak sampah yang aku simpan selama ni. Itu pun belum lagi dengan incidents ter-discover barang-barang yang aku sendiri pun tak ingat aku ada. Pasti tukang angkat sampah tu menyumpah-nyumpah tengok plastik sampah yang penuh se-lori tu.

Che Man’s and my family members came to help us. Nasib baik lah they all ni ada. Kalau tak, payah le kami hari tu. On the same day, MIL & SIL cooked and brought lunch after upacara doa selamat. Alhamdullillah. Tak payah aku masak.

Acara angkat barang masuk lori pun bermula....

Kena tunjuk lah barang yang bersepah-sepah. Baru real macam pindah rumah.

My sister made this. So yummy!

The next day, Che Man and I went back to the rented house to clean the house. Walaupun our landlord said tak perlulah basuh rumah, potong rumput bagai, tapi kami rasa tak syok tinggal kan begitu je. Dulu pun rumah kami juga. Ada sedikit sentimental di situ.

Membasuh rumah sewa dengan emosi & gaya sentimental

I enjoyed the unpacking and re arranging things at the new place for few days. Kebetulan sedang menghabiskan balance of last year annual leaves.

I thought things finally settled. But, one night after work, I realized the store room wall and floor were wet. There were rusty water marks on the wall. So we called the maintenance guy to check and they informed us about cracked roof and replaced them. After few days, we came back home and found the same thing happened again. Another maintenance guy came, checked and applied some kind of glue thingy on the roof. After few more days, the room flooded and this time was very bad and we kept calling the supervisor to follow-up on the matter. Finally after few complaints in the online community forum, few checks and repair jobs, the matter finally solved. Boleh solved pulak yek?

Water mark on the wall, from ceiling in our store room

Don’t have to worry about the house anymore, we thought. WRONG!

Aiman started behaving weirdly in the house. He said something about ‘takut’, ‘ hantu’, ‘ apa tu ibu?’, TV that switch on by itself, etc. It was really an experience for us. I wrote about it here and here.

Ini ceiling dalam master bedroom. Aiman claimed there was 'something' there.

(This photo taken by Aiman using my Hp)

"Aiman tatut......"
Aiman yang kejap-kejap tutup mata dengan tangan

Apapun kami happy that we finally moved into OUR place. Though it just a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom single-storey terrace house, it symbolizes another level of commitments from Che Man and myself in our relationship as husband, wife and parents. Though we did nothing major with the house, with no new furniture, but at least it is complete with basic necessities for a small family house in a friendly neighborhood.

The house

The small laman. I have no flower plants. Just grass & green plants.

Living and dining area (before we put up some paintings onto the wall)

Same old furniture.

View from dining area, towards kitchen

Doors leading to 2nd, 3rd bedrooms and to dry area.


Aiman's bedroom is yet to be completed. Will be 2011 project.

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