25 April 2008

Macam Bagus

Untuk mamat yang macam bagus….. who the hell you think you are?

Baru first time coordinating this thing, sudah berlagak macam management representative. Due date besok kan? So, why la bising-bising pasal aku belum submit hari ini? Idiot!

Dah la gitu, boleh marah-marah aku for not coming to the briefing. Did you know that I have called your office earlier to inform that I have an urgent / important meeting with the The Boss? Yes, I did not talk to you because, how the hell I know that you are now coordinating it. All these years were someone else. But hey, I did leave the message after I found out okey?

Pantang la tok nenek aku orang tuduh aku tanpa usul periksa!

Dah tu you said that I ALWAYS submit late. Kepala hotak kau! Cuba cakap, berapa banyak kali yang ALWAYS tu? Ada evident? Tolong sket ha.. only very few times together with everyone and mine is always the one that pass after one submission. No need to re-do / re-submit.

You know why?

Because whenever I am given an assignment, I’ll do properly. I repeat. PROPERLY. Tak cincai. Better than people who submit them and then have to re-do kan? Ok.. itu point lain.

My point is, Y.O.U are the one who ALWAYS submit late. Both of us heard this comment from the previous coordinator. Ada aku buat huu haa pasal tu? I didn’t even tease you about it. You can’t dismiss this. Because this is not an accusation.

I feel so angry when you keep talking and accusing me. So I hang-up while you were still talking. Hah! Padan muka kau. Memang patut pun . Cakap la sensorang.

You used the so-called ‘an apprentice’, as a way to convey the message that you want the job to be done. You asked her to come and see me. For your information, I have already discussed with her that I will call her once I am ready. No point for her to see me when I am in the midst of doing something else. No?

Sudah la begitu, you dared pulak called me sambil tergelak-gelak kecil (buat-buat la tuh, cam aku tak tau!) and informed me that she was on her way to see me. Too late! We all sudah kau/tim. You no need to dictate my schedule la!

Maybe you want to surprise me? Haaaaalooooo….? You think I don’t know that you have assigned an apprentice for me to do this exercise? You think, I am not aware of the due date and other requirement? I didn’t attend the briefing, betul.... but I took the initiative by getting the information from others after the briefing (including how you were so overacting in conducting it - seperti yang dijangka). I did the necessary. I know my responsibility.

Due date tomorrow kan? You’ll receive it tomorrow.

Toksah kecoh!

15 April 2008

Soklan Cepu Mas

I was asked by my boss to check on a building (not our hotel building). It's a simple task. After I surveyed the building control room (inspected the floor plans displayed) I proceeded to take a lift. I needed to count on how many floors do the building has by just counting the lift floor buttons. I had nowhere to go actually, so I pressed a lift button for the highest floor. Done - I told you it was simple. Still in the lift, I decided not to wait for the lift to stop at the top floor, so I got out somewhere in the middle.

Despite having 5 lifts, I had to wait for the same lift to go up and come down to where I was waiting. One guy suddenly appeared of nowhere, waiting for the same lift and he smiled at me. There is something about his smile, but I was not sure what exactly. Bukan senyum ramah, tidak juga senyum gatal.

Lift arrived, kita orang pun masuk. He started a conversation.

“Dah settled?”, he asked. Still wearing that smile.

“Ah? Settled?”, aku konpius.

“Aha… your kes. Kes apa ye?”, dia jawab, pas tu dia tanya balik.

I quickly used my superpower to remember and visualize the lift landing from which I met this guy.

Oh dear! Now I understand.

“Tak. Takde kes. I salah floor”, jawapanku perlu separuh menipu.
Rupa-rupa nya tempat aku tunggu lift tadi tu, aras untuk Mahkamah Rendah Syariah.

Lelaki tu pun satu. Takkan la aku pi Mahkamah Syariah tak pakai tudung kot? Handbag pun tak bawak. Berlenggang ala mak minah jer.

So? Senyum yang tadi tu, senyum simpati ker?

Kok yer pun aku ada kes kat mahkamah syariah, tak kan la aku nak citer kat dia kot?

Apa raaaa…….!

11 April 2008

Bye Bye Hydrocele

When Aiman was 4-month old, we noticed he had a bulge at his left groin area. After checking with a local doctor, a child specialist and a surgeon, Aiman was diagnosed with hydrocele. Apparently, it is quite normal for babies (boys) and we were asked to wait until he is one year old, to which the thing might disappear, just like many other cases.

So, after he reached 1 year old, the bulge still there. In fact at times it went into his left testis making it (a lot) bigger than the right one.

We took him to the same surgeon (at S*r*mb*n Sp#cial*st Hospital) and ultrasound revealed that the bulge had become more significant. A minor surgery called herniotomy was later scheduled for him.

Posing with dear ayah infront of the Clinic few weeks ago

We took sometimes to confirm the date. I know it was only a minor operation but (besides being in denial), we wanted to make sure that we were ready for it. I searched the net for more information, I asked around on how to take care of him during and after the surgery, we expedite his medical insurance issues, we sorted things out at work so that we can take few days leave peacefully and we prepared Aiman by adjusting his susu and tido time, to accommodate the fasting requirement.

My first concerned was about he has to fast 8 hours prior to surgery. My son milk-drinking pattern at night (wee hours) is inconsistent. We can’t predict what time he will wakes up for milk. However, eight hours is definitely too long for him.

On 3rd April last week, I set few alarms clocks a.k.a mobile phones at 1.30am before I went to sleep. I was so worried that I won’t get up in time for him to have his susu at 2.00pm. Just imagine, if I wake up at 4am? How la? Anyway, I managed to get up at 1.30am and prepared his hot milk. I waited till the last minutes and woke him up. He took the 7oz milk without any protest and handed me the empty bottle. I prayed to God that will be good for him until the surgery is over.

The admission process was fast since we already submitted the admission form and signed the consent form a day earlier. We were given a room nearby the operating theatre (OT). Within 15 minutes doctor came to check but the operation were delayed for about 30 minutes because the same doctor had to attend to an emergency. We tried to distract Aiman from susu by playing with him in front of OT.

We were palying around infront of the OT to distract Aiman from his susu-time

Later both Aiman and I were wheeled to the OT. I was asked to change to a uniform. It was a heart-wreaking moment to see Aiman lying on the OT table, looking so scared and cried his heart out. He must be so scared to see all strangers, pakai semua biru, tutup rambut and muka, nampak mata sahaja except for me. He begged me to pick him up form the table. Menitik juga airmata. I watched him felt asleep. I kissed him and was ushered out. I waited outside the OT with Che Man.

Preparing to go into OT

After 50 minutes I was called in and again had to change my clothes. The moment I came out from the changing room, I heard Aiman cried. From far I saw him nangis menongeng-nongeng while two nurses trying to calm him down with ballons and all. When I took him, he quickly hugged me but kept crying.

Another doctor came to explained to me that the operation went smoothly and Aiman is actually not in pain because he has been given pain killer. He maybe crying because he was a little bit disoriented and confused with what is happening to him.

The Wound After Surgery

The Culprit

Che Man received him outside the room and again I had to change my uniform. From outside the ward, I can still hear Aiman crying.

He refused to lie down on bed and we had to dukung / riba him all the time. I guessed that reminded him of the OT table. Not that we didn’t want to hold him, but we were afraid that we might hurt him. He refused to drink milk or water despite the fact he had not taken any water for more than 10 hours. He also refused to be touched by nurse who tried to fix drips on him. After sometimes, I told the nurse to just do it while he meraung dan melenting-lenting kan badan. Takut betul aku kalau-kalau luka dia terbukak. Only when he was in his deep sleep, we managed to put him on bed.

After the Surgery, nak beriba saja


Whenever we are not looking, he will try to pull-out the wire

The rest of the day filled with Aiman tido, bangun, nangis and our struggle to give him the pain killer. Aiman got so scared with nurses and doctor who occasional came to our room – he will hug me tight every time he sees them.

He was a lot better that night itself. He ate porridge and entertained his visitors.

A lot better now...

The next morning he was discharged.

Remember I mentioned about medical insurance? Okay… it was totally our fault. We were late at signing up and the medical card will only be effective next month. We could have waited, but we decided not to. Takan pasal anak punya well-being pun nak berkira kan?

Now, we are poorer by few thousands. Padan muka we all, but we have no regrets.

The plaster has been taken off last Tuesday. The wound heals nicely.

Aiman sekarang dah berlasak-lasak macam tak sakit lansung. Harap-harap memang tak sakit la.


01 April 2008



Kalau Ibu dah malas sangat nak citer, biar Aiman jer yang citer.

Hari jadi Aiman dah 3 minggu habih.

Dah setahun dah Aiman. Aiman sendiri pun tak sangka cam cepat lak. Padahal masa sepuluh bulan pertama (masa Aiman tak tau nak tido malam tu) rasa macam lambat jer nak besar. He.. He…

Awal pagi masa hari jadi Aiman tu, lebih kurang kul 12 lebih, Ibu ngan ayah suh Aiman joget-joget sambil they all nyanyi happy besday. Dah beberapa hari dah Ibu trained Aiman joget-joget bila dengar lagu tu. Aiman layan jer la. Pastu tu Ibu ngan ayah ngatuk, tapi Aiman tak ngantuk lansung. Aiman rasa excited plak pasal hari tu hari jadi Aiman yang pertama. Bila Aiman tengok ibu tertidur kat sofa, Aiman pun lompatlah dari buaian. Tapi tak sempat nak peluk Ibu. Aiman terjelepuk atas lantai. Sakit tau.. lantai tu keras. Benjol kepala Aiman. Padan muka Aiman. Nasib baik masa siang tu benjol tu dah kurang. Kalau tak, kurang hensem la Aiman di harijadi sendiri.

Besday kat umah Nenek Shah Alam
Malam tu, Ibu balik dari kerja bawa macam-macam makanan. Nenek pun ada masak kan mee hoon feveret ayah. Pas tu bebudak besar yang selalu datang ngaji kat umah nenek pun lepak. They all nyanyi lagu happy besday to me. Sib baik Aiman dah practiced ngan Ibu, tak de la kekok sangat nak joget happy birthday tu. Sumer orang tepuk tangan. Aiman rasa la, Aiman ni cute kot masa menari. Ibu yang tiub lilin and potong kek. Aiman tak pernah practice tiub lilin & potong kek lagi, so tak berapa nak reti. Takper la. Aiman tak kisah.

Pas tu ada acara ‘mari-letupkan-belon-yang-berterabur-kat lantai'. Bebudak besar sumer lari sana, lari sini. Lelumba sapa boleh pecah paling banyak belon. Nenek terus letak Aiman dalam baby cot. Nenek kata Aiman tak boleh turun, nanti kena pijak ngan bebudak besar tu. Birthday boy kena kurung. Huhuhu…. macam kejam kan?

Masa bebudak besar makan, ibu kasi kat dia orang jajan. Aiman sorang jer tak dapat jajan. Pas tu bebudak besar kasi hadiah besday. Pas tu dia orang balik. Baru la Aiman dapat main kat luar baby cot. Aiman dapat bayak hadiah. Aiman rasa best.

Yummy Cake

Bebudak besar tengah (menahan) sabar nak mamam cake.

(Datang nak ngaji, tapi dapat makan kek )

Mee hoon, satay, kuih-muih, pizza, fruits

Sumer orang sebok mamam.......

...... tapi Aiman dok dalam baby cot jer....


Ok.... now they let me play

Besday kat umah Uwa Nilai
Two days after my actual birthday, we all balik kampung Nilai. On Sunday, ibu ngan ayah sibuk tiub-gantung belon. Aiman berjaya larikan few ballons. Aiman gigit-gigit. Habis pecah. Ala.. Aiman nak tolong jer…. Tapi ibu tak kasi. Ibu kata besday boy taksoh buat kerja. Ok gak. Aiman tak kisah.

Petang tu ramai orang datang. They all baca doa selamat. Pastu ibu ngan ayah bawa Aiman potong cake no. 1. Ada gambar pooh yang tak pakai suar - tak malu punya pooh! But this time, Aiman lebih konfiden berjoget bila they all nyanyi lagu happy besday to me, sebab dah banyak kali practiced. Bila dah nak habis they all nyanyi, Aiman sendiri pandai tepuk tangan. Aiman dah tau dah… mesti they all tepuk tangan lepas nyanyi. Yang Aiman geram tu, Ibu boleh lupa kasi bebudak besar pakai besday hat. Bleh? Ha… tu la Ibu, sorok-kan sangat besday hats tu dari Aiman, terus terlupa. Tapi tak per lah. Benda dah lepas. Aiman tak kisah.

Masa sumer orang tengah makan tu, bebudak dapat party favours, belon ngan tangkai dan hat yang ibu lupa tu kuar kan tu. Aiman loves the ballon but hate the hat. They tried to put it on me many times, but I managed to take it off everytime.

Hari tu ramai orang suap besday cake kat Aiman. Best gak pooh yang tak pakai suar tu. Hari tu pun Aiman bayak dapat besday’s hadiah. Sumer best-best.

Emmm, apa lagi yek? Aiman tak pandai nak citer la…. you all tengok gambar je la.


Casual worker @ Ayah at work

Supervisor at work


Cake cutting.

Sapa la ambik gamba ni? Kesian Ayah ;)

Pooh tak malu, tak pakai suar

Mee hoon, Rendang, Pulut kuning & putih

Koci & Cucur Badak

Nuggets & Cocktail Hotdogs

Prawn Tempura


Kaswi & Marble Pudding

Assorted Fruits with Yogurt

Makan Time

Favour for kids :

Stickers, coloring book, pencil colors, soap bubble, paper horn, whistle,

ballons, chocolate, sweets & jelly

Favour for babies:

Stickers, ballon, sweets, jelly, paper horn, rattle, soft toy & biscuit

(Ada ke patut?)

My guests

"No need to pretend posing for camera here.

Gimme back my ballon!"

Buka Hadiah

"Uwa gave me my first merempit device"

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.