30 June 2007

Not Ín-Time'

I was looking at my blog this morning.
I saw : "Posted by Nomee at 4.50am"

Oh! Forgot to change the 'time stamp format'

*Tepuk Dahi*


29 June 2007


When I got pregnant, I promised my self that I will write about my experience daily or at least weekly. That... never happened. Everytime I try (blog / journal / note book), I ended-up deleting it. But today, I promised myself (again) to at least summarize it into one blog entry.

(So people, it will be a long entry - you know what to do. Saya cadangkan; go ahead waste sometime here or jump to the other more interesting blog. Cadangan ditutup.)

Before I got married, I told CHE MAN that I do not want to get pregnant so soon. Maybe we should wait at least 4 months - just to familiarize ourselve with new routine. Well, he did not agree.

So, after 4 months of nothing, I did not expect it to happen in the first year. People started to ask the golden question and I started to worry. Two months later, I felt so lembab, lembik, dizzy the whole day - but I did not think about pregnancy at all. Then a friend who got married 2 months after me called and informed that she is pregnant. So I asked her; "Why suddenly you did the pregnancy test". She told me that she felt one kind - lembab, lembik, dizzy. Oppsss... then I tot. Arhhh... maybe I am pregnant!

So I went and purchased this pregnancy test kit.
I remember how nervous I was before I did the test.
"What if aku tak pandai guna test kit ni?"
"What if aku test tak kena masa?"
"What if aku tak pregnant at all?"
Zuppppp... 2 lines appeared. PREGNANT?
I really don't know how to react, how to tell my husband, how to feel...
(a ha... aku cam bodoh sket masa tu)

Next day after work I went to confirm it - kat clinic. Ala.. dia pun pakai test kit yang sama cam aku gak. Rerupanya aku dah mengandung 2 bulan. (Entah... aku pun tak tau nape aku boleh tak ingat lansung pasal period aku yang tak kunjung tiba 2 bulan tu).

Oh dear. The first 5 months was horrible (ok... maybe I am exaggerating here). Pagi, tengahari, petang dan yang paling teruk malam aku asyik muntah. Selera boleh tahan - sentiasa lapar; tapi mesti muntah pas tu. Badan sentiasa penat & lembik. Pernah aku hampir jatuh pengsan dalam lift - aku masuk lift, sesedar org dalam lift tu dok tahan badan aku from falling. I thought after 2 months, I'll be fine. Tak gak. Ok maybe after 3 months, tak jugak. Ok maybe after 4 months, tak jugak. Ngam-ngam 5 months over (1st day of Hari Raya), Suddenly I felt so nice. So happy. So energetic. So sihat. Thank God. (Wait for me rendang & lemang. I'm coming).

Things went well after that. Only problem happend at the 7th month. I wanted to check baby lelaki ke pompuan, but doctor said cannot see. My baby sonsang! What? Oh my god. The whole night I tried not to cry (Memang.. aku drama queen gak). So the 8th and the 9th month. I was advised to give birth at hospital. No clinic clinic. Dangerous. Most probably through torehan Csection.

The best past being pregnant is, people are generally very very nice to you.

- You jangan kerja berat.
- You jangan angkat barang tu.
- You pergi berehat.
- You nak makan apa?
- You nampak cute (ye la tuh!)
- Takde la.. takde la... tak nampak gemuk pun (ye la tuh! kuasa 2)
- Muka you berseri-seri la
- You jangan makan tu. You makan ni.
- You duduk. Yang lain berdiri.
- Nah. I bought this for you.
- etc.. etc..

However, I regretted few things (oh.. aku ni tak bersyukur la...)
- I did not wear enough cute maternity dress.
- I ate too much that I gained too much weight.
- I did not exercise regularly
- I did not drink enough milk or eat recommended foods
- I did not read enough keibubapaan materials
- I tak ambil banyak gambar
- Too much maggi mee and 100 plus
- I did not write that journal
- dan... banyak lagi.

Tapi tu la. Semuanya dah berlalu. Kalau ade rezeki lagi, I be better pregnant lady.
I promise.

28 June 2007

Bos aku

Aku tengah melantak dinner kat coffee house tadi. Bos tipon... "Ms Nomi, may I go first?". Ala.. sopan nye die... kalau org lain dengar mesti rase pelik. Tapi aku dah biasa. Bos aku tu memang camtu. Always keep me informed.
Ramai org tanye camne aku boleh keje dengan orang cam dia. Sebab pada org lain, dia tu jenis yang terlalu detail, perfectionist, too honest, garang nak mampus, irritating, semua nak cepat, suka besar-besarkan perkara kecil, semua nya dia betul, tak sabar, unpredictable, workaholic, too much, kedekut, long winded, kasar, etc.. etc..
Aik... betul ke? Pada aku bos aku tu best. Sopan-satun, kelakar, pandai buat kerje dia, bertanggungjawab, baik hati, pemurah, jujur, reasonable, sabar, boleh dibawa berbincang, berhati mulia, storyteller (maknenek), berwawasan, rajin, lemah lembut, etc.. etc...

Aku : "Boss... I'll stay back for a while. Wanna surf the net"
Bos : "Ok.. Ok.. Take your time. You eat already or not?"


27 June 2007


Fuhhhh. I am SUPER LEGA

Here how the story goes.


Doctor A:

"I don't think this is Hernia"
"Most probably it is HYDROCELE'
"I'll write a letter for you to consult a surgeon"

After much persuasion, Che Man agreed.
We took Tuesday off.
Went to see child specialist for second opinion.

Doctor B:
"I am afraid - if it is Hernia"
"May I refer you to doktor-bedah-yang-pakar-kat-hospital-pakar-yang-mahal?"

(I mentally calculated my available cash)

Doctor Bedah C:
"I think it is hydrocele. Must run some check-ups"

(After ultrasound, check here, wait there)

"Ok.. it is hydrocele.
Hydrocele is an accumulation of clear fluid in the tunica vaginalis,
the most internal membranes containing a bla.. bla.. bla..,
due to the defective absorption of fluid secreted between the two layers of
bla.. bla... bla...small fluids ballon inside the scrotum bla.. bla.. bla..
painless & not harmful bla.. bla.. bla..
should generally removed surgically bla.. bla..
but I don't suggest surgery now bla.. bla.. bla..
but we should wait & see for one year bla.. bla.. bla..
to monitor closely.... bla.. bla.. bla..
not generally affect fertility bla.. bla.. bla..
other than that your baby is a

Fuhhhh. I am SUPER LEGA.

22 June 2007


.... kepala aku with many thoughts. My heart is heavy with emotions. I was late. But I don't care. I just sat there, in the cafeteria sipping my morning coffee and telan my kuewteow. I don't care if HR staff saw me. I don't care if they issue me warning letter. I don't care if people talk about me; ignoring this regulation of no-sitting-and-eating-breakfast-in the cafeteria-after 8.45am thingy. I just want to calm myself down (by eating, yes!). To re-collect myself. To clear my head. I must do that before I enter my office. My kepala is so serabut. Ok.. I feel like eating now.


My mother in law (who is taking care of my son while I go to work) told me that she noticed my son's groin is swelling at one side and his ari-ari is hard. I checked. Damn it! The thing that i always fear to happen has happened. Angin pasang. I asked around, surfed the net for more info. There you go:

Angin pasang = Hernia.

My FIL assured me that he can urut him for 3 days, He will be fine.

During my telephone conversation with my sister, I told her the story. She remind me after three days, I should take my son to see doctor. I agreed. Few minutes later, My mum called. She promised to ask around for traditional urut person. The next day, my mother called again, asked me to bring my son to see doctor (Pakar kanak-Kanak in S'ban). So, asked me to go back to Nilai this weekend. I told her, If I go back; on Saturday evening coz I will be working. At that time I heard my sister complaining (background voice) that I shoould come back as soon as possible - forget about working on this Saturday! Few minutes later, my father called (suara dia sungguh tenang). He asked if I know any clinic for kanak-kanak in Shah Alam. I said ýes, nanti nomi bawa gi malam ni' (if not I have to bring him to S'ban on Sunday).

I showed my husband some print materials on hernia. I told him my plan (see doctor in Shah Alam tonight, kalau tak puas hati, bring him to see pakar kanak-kanak in S'ban). He just kept quiet! He is reluctant... For some reasons, we could not make it that night. To add to my geramness, he said he will be working this Sunday (so forget about going to S'ban!). Somemore, he did not read the prints I gave him.

This morning, I reminded him that we need to bring Aiman to clinic. I nearly lost my temper when he tried to talk me into 'massage will do...'. Che Man; WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I don't care! I will bring him to see doctor today.

(I know people at home are thinking that I am taking this thing too easy. Father / Mother / Along / Adik : please do not pressure me somemore. I have enough of it already).

There you go; my FIRST blog post.

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