24 August 2010

Does My Son See 'Things'?

Susah nak menulis when my head is thinking in broken English & broken Malay secara serentak. Nasib le sesiapa yang baca ni.

My 3 and half-year-old son Aiman acted strangely after we moved-in to our new house. It was somewhere in April this year.

The first time, he woke me up early morning. I thought he wanted his milk but he had this strange look on his face. I wrote about it here.

Another time, it was around 1am (dia memang biasa tido lambat). I was changing his diaper at living room. Aiman dok mengeliat-mengeliat sambil ketawa making it difficult for me change his diaper.
Me : Aiman, duduk diam-diam. Nak tukar pampers ni.
Aiman : (sambil ketawa mengekek dan mengeliat-ngeliat). Ibu tengoklah dia ni…..
Me : Dia? Siapa?
Aiman : Dia tu….. (tunjuk kat something next to me). Hantu tu…..
Me : Ishk…. Mana ada ?
Aiman : Itu lah…. Tengok lah Hantu tu…. (tetiba ketawa-ketawa dan megeliat seperti orang kena geletek).

I didn’t think about it much. He must be kidding only.

But things getting weird from thereon.

At times, when we stopped our car at traffic light that the surrounding area is dark, he said : “Eh….. hantu lah….. tu.. tu… hantu!”. Most of the time both Che Man & I buat dek je. Kekadang kita orang suruh dia diam and behave himself.

Another time, when we were about to leave our hotel room for check-out (one hotel in PJ), Aiman stooped at the entrance, badan dia mengadap bilik yang kosong and said:
“Bye Bye….. salam? Salam la…. " (Sambil hulur tangan macam orang nak bersalaman).

One night, we were at kampung. Sleeping in a room. I woke-up coz Aiman tetiba menangis macam orang ketakutan. Tangannya menukup muka. “Aiman tatut (takut)….! Aiman tatut!”. Setelah dipujuk-pujuk baru dia diam. Tapi masih mahu tidur sambil menekup muka dengan tangan.

Sejak pada tu, selalu sahaja dia terjaga dan menangis waktu tidur saying the same thing. Kekadang Che Man yang pujuk, kekadang aku yang jaga. Satu pagi tu Che Man told me about Aiman terbangun dan menangis dan sebut takut-takut lagi. Kali ni according to Che Man, his eyes kept looking up at one point only. Somewhere between our ceiling fan and ceiling light. Che Man told me he got seram also.

The night, it was my turn. Aiman was on the bed, prepared to sleep. Tiba-tiba dia seperti orang terkejut. Badan seperti tersentak. Perlahan-lahan dia merangkak ke hujung katil sambil kepala mendongak keatas. Aku ingatkan dia dok perhati cicak. I also looked up and just that I realized he was looking at somewhere between the fan and light. Serta merta aku teringat cerita Che Man pagi tu.

Sejak tu, tiap kali buka pintu rumah, tengok ceiling. Buka pintu bilik, kami automatically dongak tengok ceiling. Giler tul lah!

The crying, the staring and tido sambil tutup muka went on almost on daily basis for almost 2 weeks. During this time, my mother in law and sister in law told me that Aiman asyik buat hal. Menangis tak tentu pasal. Pas tu at certain times didn’t allow anyone in the house to switch on TV. He will cream ‘tatutttttttt!!!!”. But both Che Man and I didn’t open our mouth about his crying and staring at home. We simply didn’t know what to say.

One day during lunch at office, my friends were talking about their children and their current progress. So, I told them about what was going with Aiman. They were surprised that I ‘kept’ this development too long. Some suggested that Aiman might be able to see ‘things’. Some things might be scary things. One story led to another and I found out another staff had a same problem but later solved when he played MP3 of surah-surah tertentu from his mobile phone given by his boss. He also called an ustaz to ‘clean’ his (new) house.

Only then I realized that this was serious matter. I downloaded the MP3 and started playing it at home. Only then we informed Che Man parents about it. They looked for us a CD and a book ‘Ayat-ayat Pembakar Jin’ and we played them. (I’ll update the actually title and the writer later). Another friend at work gave me a poster of ‘Surat Rasullullah’. The poster entitled “Pengusir Jin Dari Kediaman” which we hang onto a door inside the master bedroom.

Alhamdullillah. Since the first step, Aiman dah tak mengarut-mengarut lagi pasal ‘hantu’atau terjerit-jerit takut. I observed him walking into our room, suddenly stopped, look up and then looked lega. Maybe he doesn’t see it anymore. He is not scared of TV anymore. We changed the TV too…. Hahaahaha.

Belum habis lagi cerita ni.

One night, I had this port luck gathering cum housewarming party with some close friends. A couple, our neighbors who only come to stay at their house on weekend came to inform that one of my friend cars is blocking their entrance. So we invited them in for dinner sekali cum sesi berkenalan.

Cerita itu dan ini, tetiba uncle tu tanya Che Man whether or not “ada yang mengacau kat sini?” Selepas sedikit kekeliruan pasal maksud uncle tu, he told about some incidents. Pernah masa dia tengah sembahyang, dia terdengar wife dia menjerit ketakutan. Bila dia checked elok aje wife dia kat dapur buat kerja and she denied that she did scream. Another time, his son told him about a really big, really tall, really ugly creature he saw in their house.

Che Man and I think it is the same thing that scared Aiman all this while. Maybe the thing bukan duduk kat ceiling, tapi simply sangat tinggi, setinggi ceiling? Mungkin the thing dah pindah ke rumah dia pulak. Ye lah…. rumah sebelah tu kekadang je tuan rumah datang. Lagipun (dengan izinNya) makhluk tu dah terhalau dari rumah kita orang. Agaknya lah.

Tuhan sahaja yang Maha Mengetahui.

Aku terpikir nak buat entry ni, coz minggu lepas my SIL told me that Aiman suddenly informed her “Ibu… Ibu… (he calls her Ibu too), Aiman nampak Hantu hari tu tau…..”.

Korang jangan suh aku pindah rumah dah laaaaaa.
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